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Wood Scrap Data (Please furnish approximate percentages of totals for each item.)
Particleboard % PB w/Laminates %    
MDF % Plywood %    
Hardboard % Cardboard %    
Gypsum % Treated Lumber %    
Paneling % OSB %    
Paper % Plastic %    

Hardwoods (Type) Moisture %    
Softwoods  (Type) Moisture %    
Typical size of wood scrap (Please estimate percentages)
Width: Less than 26" % Less than 40" %    
  Less than 52" %        

Length: Less than 2' % 2' to 4' %    
  4' to 8' % Over 8' %    

Pallets, crates, skids %   Approx. # per day Typical size
Would cutting pallets down be a consideration? 

Wood Scrap Volume
Size of container (i.e., 40 yards) Times picked up per week
Approx. monthly expense Is this container compacted?
Weight of loaded container?    
If container info is not available, what is the approx. size of the container? (LxWxH)
Hours per day scrap is produced? Days per week scrap is produced?

Plans for Wood Chips (check all that apply)
Volume reduction only Suspension System
Boiler Fuel Auger System
Animal Bedding Will Chips be blended with shavings and dust?  
Landscape Mulch    
Other Please Explain  

Material Handling of Wood Chips (check all that apply)
Hook in to central dust system      
Convey in to dumpster      
Magnetic Separation      
Trailer Loading System required Blow in System Auger System

Electrical Requirements
208 460/480  
230/240 550/575  

Additional Comments  
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